Our Story

Kara Pharoah and Laura VanPopta, two sisters with the same vision; to provide ourselves and our families with all natural and organic skin care products.

We began with the fundamental idea that ingredients from nature have all we need to be healthy and nourished; no reason to add to, or take anything away.  Nature's Image takes nature's ingredients and combines them to achieve beautiful results. Healthy skin is beautiful skin!

Our company has products that work and that are suitable for all skin types.  We are honest about all ingredients chosen, that anyone when reading our labels, can understand what they are putting on their skin.  We feel reassured using these products on our children and ourselves, knowing they are all natural and always chemical free.

You will feel confident and positive that you are reflecting the beauty of nature everyday.

Nature's Image is an all natural and organic skin care company.  All products are handmade and each ingredient has been carefully chosen for its key benefits to the skin.  We wanted to include only wholesome, natural ingredients, no fillers, chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives.  We have listed the major ingredients used in our products and the reasons for which they have been incorporated into our creams and lotions.  Please see the Ingredients and Benefits page for more information on how each nourishes and promotes healthy, radiant skin.